The Archer's Guide:    How to Make a Longbow




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  • Helpful Advice  - tools & materials you need to get started on your amazing new project straight away! If your just a beginner- no worries- there is a full glossary of terms to keep you on track.

  • Essential tips - from planning your project, measuring up, from knowing the best wood to use for your new Longbow to knowing the right size to make your new longbow depending on how tall you are! This manual reveals all.

  • Step by step instructions - fully illustrated to keep you getting lost - no more hunting from various books and websites- everything you need to know on making a Longbow all in one place!

  • Eager to get going on your Longbow project? This essential manual is in a digital format so you can get your hands on it as soon as you order. No more waiting for the postman! "How to Make a Longbow" the essential manual could be with you you in just a few simple clicks. Download NOW.                                  Price: Just 17.97                                    















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